LG U+ consistently brings innovation to customer experience with new digital technology that’s ahead of everyone else.

Corporate Customers

LG U+'s technology that increases customer value and competence

As Korea's first data communication service provider, LG U+ takes pride in leading the 5G service sector for business customers.
LG U+ will always listen to customers and provide what you need, because our goal is to satisfy our customers.

Safe and convenient management of your workplace with U+ 5G

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LG유플러스 차세대 지능형 교통체계
5G네트워크 활용한 원격제어
5G 원격제어를 통한 공장 자동 시스템
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Achieve sustainable growth.

Achieve sustainable growth.LG U+ has been leading the telecommunication service market in the business sector, fostering innovation and growth. We will continue to offer differentiated services to improve the competence of our corporate customers
in the ever-changing business environment.

  • 5G Services5G NetworkRemote ControlC-ITSSmart DroneSmart FactoryIntelligent Security Monitoring SolutionU+ Drive5G Innovation Lab
  • DataU+ InternetDedicated LineWireless InternetInternet Data Center(IDC)CCTV
  • Business Phone Service and Customer ManagementIntercity callsCustomer CenterU+ Internet PhoneVoip
  • SecurityIntegrated SecurityU+ Cloud SecurityU+ Cloud PC
  • Facility and Security ManagementSmart SensorVideo SolutionEnergy Business
  • IoTIndustrial IoTSmart Traffic Signal Control for Emergency VehiclesU+IoT Apartment
  • Customized Service for SOHOU+ SOHO Package
  • Customized Services for Small/Medium-sized EnterprisesU+ Business Package
  • Smart WorkWebhardRemote SupportWorks(Groupware)Office 365Video conferenceHostingWebfaxWorking Hour ManagementCommissioning and OrderingU+ ERP

5G Service Overview

  • 5G Network for BusinessA 5G network for businesses,
    faster and safer than a wired
    or LTE network
  • Smart FactoryService that creates a safe and
    highly productive intelligent factory
    based on wireless communication.
  • C-ITSA next-generation intelligent traffic
    management system that helps
    you drive safely by providing real-time
    traffic data
  • Smart DroneKorea's first cloud-based drone
    control system with auto flight and
    real-time monitoring functions
  • Remote ControlA remote control service for
    heavy equipment that enables you to
    remotely monitor on-site, including
    overseas, in a control room.
  • Intelligent Security
    Monitoring Solution
    A surveillance service that uses
    artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze
    high-resolution videos and detect any
    suspicious human activities or
    object motions
  • U+DriveA voice recognition navigation service
    that enables you to set your destination
    and play content, such as music,
    fairytales, and audiobooks

Available Services

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    Support Portal
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